Dwyer Workforce Development


Sandtown Celebrates Planned Dwyer Scholar Healthcare Village

Two community partners unveiled plans Thursday for a new “healthcare village” in West Baltimore’s Sandtown neighborhood, which will include a resource center, multi-income housing, and a childcare center.

The project is a partnership between the Jack and Nancy Dwyer Workforce Development Center and Resurrection Sandtown. The village will be available to participants of Dwyer Workforce Development, called “Dwyer Scholars,” who receive job training and placement within the nursing field.

Dwyer CEO Barb Clapp and Resurrection Sandtown board president Rod Hudson signed an official memorandum of understanding at Thursday’s ceremony. Hudson is also the pastor of Ames Memorial United Methodist Church.

The collaboration aims to alleviate the healthcare staffing shortage, care for the community’s elders, and provide access to economic opportunities for residents of a neighborhood that has historically suffered from lack of investment.

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